Outline of current ideas

  • Pre-Set Live Music
  • Personal interaction – welcoming and the gifting of ‘monopoly’ money / individual ticket number (for gameshow selection)
  • Spoken word poetry – said with northern dialect
  • Gameshow with audience members in style of ‘Generation Game’ – creation of art, monetary value, quiz, against time and ‘funding requirements’
  • Insight into our actual alternative jobs – care home work, teaching, factory work, shop assistants.
  • Singing chorus
  • Abstract ‘orange peel and eat in one’ scene
  • Queer-eye outfits, music style, cabaret, dance scenes to MP’s quotes and manifestos on the arts
  • Monologues on Brexit, economic climates, tax thresholds, minimum wages,
  • Installation with polystyrene pellets and doctor / patient figures representing: a need to create, a want to succeed, industry standards, a salmon swimming upstream.

Note: it’s not all negative regarding funding and the state of our arts, it’s an insight, playful, parodic, and with the notion that we will continue to make and indeed are making. The reason for this content is because our work is inspired by our lives, its personal, political and poetic.